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For a smart sustainable energy system

Glava Energy Center is a member driven association that is passionate about making Värmland and the world self-sufficient in renewable energy – with the sun in the center.

News & Events

One women and two men stand outside in the snow in front of rows of solar energy panels.

NewsFortum Shows Interest in Glava Energy Center's Innovation Environment

Future collaborations for the development of innovations were the focus of attention when representatives from Fortum's Wind and Solar Business area Technology and Innovation team visited Glava Energy Center.

Kraftledningar och stolpar i vinterlandskap.

NewsVärmland's Power Grid Could Serve as a Model for the Entire Sweden

Over the next year, Glava Energy Center will explore the potential for flexible use and production of electricity within Värmland's power grid. The project is funded by the research entity Energiforsk, aiming for its outcomes to establish a model applicable to all of Sweden's electricity grid owners

A man in a beige sweater stands outside and smiles in front of two red and white buildings.

NewsVärmland sparks major energy project across municipalities and corporations

Glava Energy Center and Karlstad University have secured funding for their joint project LOKEN – Local Energy Management Värmland. Over three years, the project aims to support the energy transition in Värmland's municipalities, test smart energy solutions, and establish a new regional platform for collaboration among academia, businesses, and public entities. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Värmland.