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For a smart sustainable energy system

Glava Energy Center is a member driven association that is passionate about making Värmland and the world self-sufficient in renewable energy – with the sun in the center.

News & Events

PV panels, sunlight and logotypes.

Calendar Webinar: Nordic Entrepreneurship Monitoring

Welcome to the webinar "Nordic Entrepreneurship Monitoring" which explores the startup process within the Nordic ClimateTech scene. The June 8 webinar is part of the Glava Energy Center's feasibility study and startup and innovation initiative StartFuze, which is part-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund.

Persons standing outside in front of a big white tent with solar panels.

News Energy leadership in focus at annual conference

To secure future electricity for society, companies, industry, transport and households, a sustainable energy system is needed. But how will the energy transition take place? The Glava Energy Center's annual conference on Wednesday 3 May 2023 focused on the importance of proactive energy leadership.

A ground of people standing in front of solar panels, in winter with show on the ground.

News Norwegian interest in solar installer training in Glava

The ongoing solar energy boom in Norway is shown by a great Norwegian interest in the Glava Energy Center's basic training for solar cell installers. It was full at the year's first training round in Glava in January and most of the registered participants came from Norwegian electrical installation companies.