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Courses at Glava Energy Center

The solar energy industry is breaking records year after year. This applies to both the number of facilities, installed power and the amount of electricity produced. To ensure continued positive development, Glava Energy Center offers a wide range of impartial trainings to increase the industry's quality and safety. Members of the Glava Energy Center receive a 10 percent discount on the course fee.

At the end of 2022, there were close to 147,700 grid-connected solar installations in Sweden with a total installed power of almost 2.4 gigawatts (GW). The total number of facilities increased by 60 percent and the total installed power by 50 percent compared to 2021. The number of new installations in 2022 landing at about 55,000, more than double the number of new installations compared to the previous year.

Incorrect installations and lack of skills

Parallel to the growth party there are some warning signs. Actors such as the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority and insurance companies warn of a lack of installation work, while the industry warns of a lack of qualified labor and problems with the supply of skills. According to the industry organization Swedish Solar Energy, the most in-demand professional role is fitters, followed by designers and all people with knowledge and qualifications in electricity.

Education must ensure competence, quality and safety

Glava Energy Center is an independent educational operator that offers courses with different orientations but with the same goal: to ensure competence, quality, and safety for sustainable growth in the solar energy industry. Members of Glava Energy Center get 10 percent discount on the course fee.

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Last edited: 10/11 2023


Liselott Öberg Stridh
Education Officer
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Our courses

  • Basic training for PV installers
  • Project Manager in Solar Energy Sector
  • Battery storage for properties
  • Projector in Solar Energy Sector, digital course
  • Operational methodology in case of fire in properties with PV systems
  • Certification course for PV installers, digital course

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