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Solar Power Projector Training - Online

Glava Energy Center's solar power projector training is a three-day online course conducted via Zoom for those who want to become better projectors of solar power installations. The course provides increased competence in designing a solar panel system with optimal functionality, safe operation, good economics, and satisfied customers.

There is a great and growing interest in installing solar panels. The number of new installations in Sweden more than doubled (increased by 108 percent) in 2022 compared to 2021. Swedish solar power production increased by over 70 percent from March 2022 to February 2023 compared to the previous twelve-month period. There is a significant shortage of projectors with knowledge of solar energy installation best practices and applicable regulations. The industry is new, and companies need to ensure high quality in the design phase for continued positive development.

Glava Energy Center's solar power projector training enhances confidence for those involved in designing solar panel systems through knowledge of legal aspects, product knowledge, systems science, and economics.

Target Audience

  • New companies in the solar power market or companies looking to enter the market.
  • Newly employed individuals at professional solar energy companies.
  • Electricians/installers looking to expand their business with solar energy.
  • Property managers and property owners.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will have increased competence in independently designing a solar panel system with optimal functionality, safe operation, good economics, and satisfied customers.

Course Content

Three days of instructor-led online training using the Zoom platform.

  • Day 1: Background
  • Day 2: Regulations
  • Day 3: Case Studies

Topics Covered

  • Understanding a property's requirements for solar panel design, including power, construction, and durability.
  • Purchasing and investment calculations for solar panel projects - budgeting, financing, and life cycle costs.
  • Sizing and assembling components and systems based on prevailing conditions.
  • Legal considerations in solar panel design - laws and regulations for solar panel projects.
  • Identifying the best economic and legal solutions for customers.


Tim Ljunggren, a civil engineer in electrical power engineering and business economics. He is an instructor in design, installation, commissioning, and assembly for companies and vocational colleges. He has worked as a projector and construction supervisor and is a highly regarded educator experienced in leading distance learning programs.

Last edited: 09/02 2024


Course fee SEK 9,800 excluding VAT. Members of Glava Energy Center receive a 10 percent discount on the course fee.


Three-day web training via Zoom.

If you have questions about the course content and practical information, please contact our Educations Manager Liselott Öberg Stridh.


Next course opportunity

Upcoming course opportunity:

  • 8–10 April 2024

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