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Our test beds

An important part of Glava Energy Center's innovation system and Living Lab is the test beds. We have around ten test beds within the areas of On-grid systems, Off-grid systems, microgrids, weather stations, wind measurement, and demo rooftops.

A test bed is an open and accessible development environment for testing and demonstrating products, services, or processes. Test beds are crucial to enable rapid development work across all industries, including sustainable energy systems and solar energy. In Hillringsberg, Glava, outside Arvika, Glava Energy Center has around ten test beds in various areas developed in collaboration with and supported by a wide range of industry stakeholders.

Thanks to the test beds, we can provide the infrastructure that innovators need to progress with testing ideas in a real environment. Our members and partners can benefit from the test beds by developing new innovations and conducting tests or using measurement data. The ongoing innovation work also involves continuous development of Glava Energy Center's innovation process and test infrastructure, leading to the emergence of new test beds.

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Last edited: 29/12 2023