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Demo Roofs

In Glava Energy Center's solar park, several demo roofs display various types of solar panel installations. These roofs are constructed at ground level, using different roofing materials such as tiles, metal sheets, or concrete tiles. Different mounting systems are employed to showcase installation possibilities on various roof types. Both roof-mounted and roof-integrated systems are displayed in the solar park.

As these demo roofs are built at ground level, they provide the opportunity to closely study and understand installations, which isn't possible when observing standard roofs from ground level. It offers the chance to touch mounting materials and witness how the system is assembled on different roofs, providing a better understanding of solar panel installations.

Five Different Demo Roofs

There are a total of five demo roofs in the solar park installed by different suppliers:

  • Kraftpojkarna
  • Otovo
  • Delab Glava
  • Soltech Energy
  • Nordic Solar

Kraftpojkarna's Demo Roof

This demo roof comprises tiles and corrugated metal sheets. Standing panels are installed on the tiled roof. On the corrugated metal sheet, both horizontal and vertical panels have been installed. Optimizers are connected to different sub-systems, linked to a SolarEdge inverter.

Otovo's Demo Roof

Otovo's demo roof consists of Otovo's Sunstyle product, which incorporates roof-integrated solar cells and surrounding metal sheets. Square solar panels are arranged in patterns to enhance the system's aesthetics. The system utilizes an inverter from the Sunny Boy model 1.5 1VL-40.

Delab Glava's Demo Roof

This demo roof comprises corrugated metal sheets with panels mounted vertically. The system uses a Chinese inverter.

Soltech Energy's Demo Roof

Soltech Energy's demo roof consists of the Soltech Roof integrated system. The system is installed with smaller, elongated, black solar panels to enhance aesthetics. It's connected to an inverter of the same model as Otovo's system, the Sunny Boy.

Nordic Solar's Demo Roof

This demo roof uses standing model half-cut solar cells on a tiled roof. This system also includes a Sunny Boy inverter, the same model used in Otovo and Soltech Energy's installations.

Last edited: 29/12 2023