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Off-grid system

In Glava Energy Center's solar park, five distinct off-grid systems operate solely using solar energy and battery storage, catering to various load requirements. These systems serve as valuable resources for future ideas and projects aimed at sizing off-grid installations based on specific needs and supplying those needs with solar power and energy storage.

Financiers and Collaborators

The development of these off-grid systems has received support from:

  • Interreg Sweden-Norway
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Arvika Municipality
  • Arvika Business Center
  • FEM – Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environment
  • Region Värmland
  • Karlstad Municipality
  • Kristinehamn Municipality

The systems were developed in collaboration with:

  • MacBat
  • SweModule
  • Innotech Solar
  • Nordic Solar
  • SC Burman

During module assembly, a flexible support design was used, utilizing local materials. The batteries consist of Mac Bat/Green Power batteries and regenerated lead-acid batteries. The capacity is designed to sustain 5 days without sunlight during winter. The charge controllers are from Outback Solar and Steca.

Details of Each Off-grid System

Off-grid system 1

Comprises a 120 Wp module from SweModule and a 744 Wh battery. Intended to partially power the lighting inside the battery house and interior roof. The load requirement is approximately 20 W.

Off-grid system 2

Consists of 230 Wp solar cells from SweModule. Equipped with a 1488 Wh battery to partially supply the lighting in the battery house. The load for this system is 18 W.

Off-grid system 3

Powers the lighting in the inverter house and a section of the battery house with a collective power requirement of 40 W. The battery storage capacity is 1488 Wh, charged by 460 Wp solar cells.

Off-grid system 4

Supplies a portion of the load in the battery house, with a power demand of 40 W. Utilizes 690 Wp SweModule solar cells providing electricity to a 1488 Wh battery.

Off-grid system 5

Holds a storage capacity of 1488 Wh with 920 Wp solar cell capacity.
Serves a load of 60 W, providing illumination within the park and street lighting outside.

Last edited: 29/12 2023