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Weather Station

Within Glava Energy Center's solar park, a weather station is strategically positioned to measure various weather parameters. Operating with high precision, the weather station, in conjunction with data logging from the solar cells, provides real data for calculations in various projects.

Funding and Collaborative Partners

The system development received support from:

  • Leader
  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • Arvika Municipality
  • Arvika Business Development Center

The collaboration involved:

  • Fortum
  • Metrum

The weather station is mounted on a robot that tracks the sun's movement across the sky, controlled by an embedded GPS for optimal precision. Regarding solar radiation, the weather station measures multiple types of irradiation, including:

  • Direct solar radiation
  • Indirect solar radiation
  • Global solar radiation
  • Ground-reflected radiation
  • Angled radiation at 30, 40, and 90-degree inclinations

Additionally, general weather parameters such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction are measured.

Supplied by EKO Instruments Europe B.V., the weather station is linked to measurement systems from Metrum. All measurement data is logged every six seconds into a database accessible to businesses and researchers within the industry.

Last edited: 29/12 2023