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Wind Measurement Mast

Adjacent to the solar park at Glava Energy Center stands a 30-meter-tall wind measurement mast that gauges wind speed and direction at higher altitudes. The original purpose of the mast was to measure wind conditions in Hillringsberg for wind turbine specification.

Wind sensors are placed at 10 and 30 meters in height. Wind direction and speed are logged using a data logger connected through a WEB solution from TEROC. The data logger is powered by a solar panel and battery affixed to the mast.

Collaborative Partner

The system development involved collaboration with:



The system's development received support from:

  • FEM – Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environment
    Interreg Sweden-Norway
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Arvika Municipality
  • Arvika Business Development Center
  • Region Värmland
  • Karlstad Municipality
  • Kristinehamn Municipality
Last edited: 29/12 2023