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Glava Energy Center is a member-driven association and an innovation cluster within smart sustainable energy systems and solar energy. Our membership of approximately 70 members represents everything from central solar energy players, universities, municipalities and public stakeholders, installers and researchers to SMEs, large companies, investors, and startups.

Our Members

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Christer Bergerland
Logo Coompanion
Logo Sun4Energy
Logo Ellevio
Logo EnerSys
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Logo Fortum
Logo Frost Innovation
Logo FUSen AS
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Logo Hammarö Energi
HB Liama
Logo Hillringsberg Lantbruk
Logo IFE
Logo Innos AS
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Logo Kils Energi
Logo KP Energy
Logo Krannisch Solar AB
Logo Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm
Logo Life Foundation
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Magnus Windhede
Logo Maple Energy AB
Logo Mattsson Consulting
Logo Metrum
Logo Multiconsult AS
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Logo Paradisenergi AB
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QC Renewable Energy
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Logo SolarEdge
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Logo Solenergi & Teknik i Åmål AB
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Logo Solkompaniet
Logo Stellavik
Logo Sunfuria
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Logo Teknik i Väst
Logo Teroc
Logo Terrawatt AS
Logo Norsk Solenergiforening
Logo Solenergiklyngen
Logo The Storing Company