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Teknik i Väst AB

Teknik i Väst AB is the resource company that manages the technical operations within the Arvika municipality group and has approximately 150 employees. Teknik i Väst is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the municipality's electricity grid and power production in 16 hydroelectric power stations and one solar power park. The company is also responsible for sanitation, operation, and maintenance in the areas of streets and roads as well as water and sewage for the Arvika and Eda municipalities. Additionally, the company manages the operations of district heating in Arvika and fiber optics for Arvika and Årjäng's networks.

The vision is to be an exemplary socially beneficial company, and the business achieves excellent results in both employee and customer surveys, of which the company is very proud.

Teknik i Väst is owned by Arvika Elnät AB, Arvika Energi och Miljö AB, and Eda municipality.