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African change agents were trained in Glava

Engineer Jilian Ouko from the electricity grid company Kenya Power was one of 30 change agents from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia who participated in a full-day training at the Glava Energy Center in October. The training is part of LIFE Academy's international and SIDA-funded training program in renewable energy, which will promote change work for sustainable development in African countries.

– In Kenya, we need to increase the production of renewable energy, reduce emissions from transport and ensure access to electricity for households outside the electricity grid. We need a smart sustainable energy system to meet the need for both increased renewable electricity production and e-mobility in the transport sector, says Jilian Ouko, design and construction engineer at the power grid company Kenya Power.

Ability to influence sustainable development in home country

LIFE Academy has arranged SIDA-funded international training programs for sustainable development for almost 30 years. In this case, it is about the program "Global Capacity Development Program on Renewable Energy" with a special focus on renewable energy. The program aims to create increased knowledge and capacity of selected organizations and participants about how different energy systems based on renewable energy can be developed at different levels in society. From local communities without grid connection to larger facilities at national level.

– We are careful in the selection of participants because they must have great opportunities for influence. They must be change agents with the potential to contribute to positive change for sustainable development in the respective organization and country, says Therese Rosenblad, project manager and international coordinator at LIFE Academy.

The training program lasts for about 1-1.5 years and this round started in May 2023 in Zambia. There, the participants formed five country groups with the task of identifying the country's biggest challenge in relation to renewable energy and developing a joint change project. During the course of the program, the participants must then carry out the change project that will support change processes within the participants' own organizations and areas of operation.

Training in Glava for more than ten years

During the two-week visit to Sweden in October, training at Glava Energy and visits to the Royal Institute of Technology, the Energy Agency and the Technical Museum in Stockholm are included. Glava Energy Center has trained participants in LIFE Academy's training program for over ten years. The training on 4 October 2023 included theory sessions on global and regional trends in the energy sector, solar energy technology, energy systems, smart grids, microgrids and energy flexibility.

– The collaboration with LIFE Academy is important to us. We can contribute with increased knowledge among the participants about the development of smart energy systems and solar energy, which is important for a sustainable transition and electrification in the African countries. At the same time, we get a broadened network to key players in the African energy transition, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Glava Energy Center.

About the training program

Read more about the "Global Capacity Development Program on Renewable Energy" and other international training programs on the LIFE Academy website.

Last edited: 05/10 2023