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CheckWatts partners are trained in smart energy solutions

On behalf of CheckWatt, Glava Energy Center is training prospective partners for the energy service company. The course centers around CheckWatt's services in smart and flexible energy utilization, preparing participants to become partners responsible for installation, service, maintenance, and customer support.

– Glava Energy Center is delighted to host the training on behalf of CheckWatt, benefiting from both knowledge and opportunities for physical installations in the test park, which we leverage in this education. Altogether, it enables us to better and faster onboard new partners, says Dan-Eric Archer, CEO of CheckWatt.

High Interest in Becoming a Partner

Glava Energy Center's member company, CheckWatt, offers smart systems and solutions for sustainable energy usage. This includes measurement, control, and IT systems within energy efficiency and renewable energy. Distributed energy resources connect to CheckWatt's virtual power plant, Currently, enhancing profitability while contributing to a more stable and efficient energy system. These services are delivered to customers through CheckWatt's partners, responsible for installation, operation, service, and support.

– Today, we have more than 100 partners, and we receive numerous expressions of interest. It's evident that investments in solar panels and batteries need to be complemented with services via an aggregator like CheckWatt to become profitable, says Dan-Eric Archer.

One CheckWatt partner that aligns with this description is Stockholm-based company Takkraft. In addition to solar panels, charging stations, and batteries, they also deliver CheckWatt's products and services.

– For us, it's a given. The solar panel market has cooled off, whereas the market for balancing services is hotter, offering quicker payback times for investments in solar panels and batteries, says Izabella Bjurman, project coordinator at Takkraft, who along with colleague Linda Cardell participated in a training session in November.

Key to a Smart Energy System

The training for CheckWatt partners is scheduled during winter and spring 2023-2024 as a one-day course held at Glava Energy Center in Hillringsberg, Glava, outside Arvika. The instructors are David Olsson and Isac Myrén Andersson, both project managers and civil engineers specializing in energy and environmental technology at Glava Energy Center.

The education's focus is on CheckWatt's support services within Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP). It revolves around smart solutions for efficient energy usage and for generating and delivering energy as needed from many small energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, electric vehicle charging, and batteries. These areas of expertise are of high interest to Glava Energy Center as well.

– Smart control and flexibility services are key to a smart and sustainable energy system. Such solutions drive development and offer potential for economic profitability. Moreover, they enable more renewable energy production from solar and wind power, as well as increased electrification of industry, society, and transportation, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Glava Energy Center.

Customized Training Opportunities

The organization of CheckWatt's partner training is an example of Glava Energy Center's offering of customized and tailored education in the energy field.

– Glava Energy Center aims to contribute to a smart and sustainable energy system through innovation, education, and energy leadership. Together with customers, we can develop customized training courses within all these areas. So, companies, organizations, municipalities, and regions – reach out with your ideas! says Liselott Öberg Stridh, Member and Training Manager at Glava Energy Center.

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Photo Captions:

Image 1: Dan-Eric Archer, CEO of CheckWatt, at Glava Energy Center's test park.
Image 2: Employees from CheckWatt and Glava Energy Center in the test park.
Image 3: Izabella Bjurman and Linda Cardell from CheckWatt partner Takkraft.

Last edited: 24/11 2023