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Course participants gained knowledge about energy storage and batteries

Last week it was time again for Glava Energy Center's battery storage for properties course. The course focuses on planning and designing battery storage systems. At the same time, space is given for the participants' industry-specific questions, which is appreciated by the course participants.

The market's demand for battery solutions is increasing rapidly, especially among larger property owners. Demand also characterizes everyday life for, for example, designers and wholesalers in the solar energy industry.

– It is not enough to be experts in solar energy. Our customers also want help with the planning of energy storage and batteries, says course participant Carolina Wallerström, who works with planning and energy storage at Solelgrossisten.

Place for both theory and course participants' questions

Glava Energy Center's two-day course Battery storage for properties should provide the knowledge and skills required to be able to plan and project smart solutions for efficient battery storage. The course content includes, among other things, market development, battery technology, dimensioning, regulations and purchasing and investment calculations.

In addition to theoretical elements, great emphasis is placed during the training on the questions and needs that the participants bring to the training, which is appreciated by the course participants. Carolina Wallerström came loaded with questions to the training at the Glava Energy Center in Hillringsberg, Glava, outside Arvika on May 31 to June 1, 2023.

– I am particularly interested in calculation, how to calculate the smartest way, and in warranty period, lifespan and support services. The training structure is very good - that it is a theory session mixed with seminar elements where our questions can take a large place, says Carolina Wallerström and is agreed by colleague Oliver Nylund.

– At this training, we get to share battery knowledge in the inspiring environment that the Glava Energy Center is, says Oliver Nylund, training manager at Solelgrossisten.

Caption: Carolina Wallerström and Oliver Nylund at Solelgrossisten.

About Battery storage for properties

Glava Energy Center's course Battery storage for properties is aimed at designers, facility owners and property developers. The teachers are Hans Nordin, civil engineer, with long experience in weak power systems, both UPS and reserve power, and Samuel Wingstedt, energy market specialist at Polarium.

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Last edited: 15/06 2023