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Experienced project manager sees great innovative potential in LOKEN

Glava Energy Center welcomes Eva Lingwall as project and process manager for LOKEN, Local Energy Management Värmland. She comes most recently from Region Värmland where she has worked in regional development focusing on energy, environment, and sustainability issues.

What drives you?

– I have a genuine desire to contribute to sustainable development in Värmland. As a person, I am innovative and engaged, while also being analytical and goal-oriented. An important driving force for me is to achieve results and increase value creation, preferably together with others.

What appeals to you about the LOKEN project?

– Glava Energy Center is a key player with extensive experience and great commitment in the energy field, and it is courageous to take on the leadership role for a major project like LOKEN, which involves many actors and collaborators. The project will test both new proactive working methods and new smart sustainable energy solutions, based on, for example, the needs of the business sector. This means that the project has great innovative potential, which particularly appeals to me.

How important is this issue for Värmland?

– It is incredibly important for businesses, municipalities, and society. The project addresses a complex societal challenge – a smart and sustainable energy system in Värmland. It is a fact that communities and businesses in Värmland risk facing a future shortage of electricity, which is directly linked to sustainable regional development and future competitiveness for Värmland. LOKEN tackles this crucial issue in a new and proactive way.

How will public and private actors in municipalities throughout Värmland notice that LOKEN is ongoing?

– Companies, energy actors, public entities, and organizations can expect to be invited to various platforms for knowledge and experience exchange. This could involve various local energy management groups for proactive collaboration, as well as seminars and conferences where we disseminate knowledge and results from the project. Glava Energy Center's role is largely to disseminate knowledge in the energy field, enable the development of smart systems and business solutions, and hopefully increase the proportion of renewable energy produced in Värmland.

What speaks for a successful outcome?

– The fact that conditions are now being provided for innovative collaborations between new sectors, industries, and actors where we can explore new technologies, materials, flexibility, smart systems, and business solutions together. The commitment from the business sector, public organizations, and municipalities linked to sustainability is a crucial driving force, and therefore, LOKEN is an important piece of the puzzle in developing the energy system for Värmland.

Last edited: 01/02 2024