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"Good communication contributes to the energy transition"

Glava Energy Center welcomes Albin Norén as a communicator for the LOKEN project, Local Energy Management Värmland. He is fundamentally a journalist and most recently comes from Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan where he worked as a development manager and produced the podcast Bygdefolk – about opportunities and challenges of living in rural Värmland.

What drives and inspires you in your role as a communicator?

– The variety of tasks is something I enjoy. I'm curious and want to understand contexts and communicate messages simply, directly, and comprehensibly - preferably with a personal touch. As a communicator, I'm driven by meeting different people and capturing interesting stories. I also have the privilege of learning new things on the job, which is incredibly enriching.

You have a background as a journalist with experience from Sveriges Radio and local news on TV4. What do you bring from your time as a news reporter?

– I have a nose for news and am skilled at sniffing out stories from a local perspective, which strengthens me in the role of communicator for LOKEN. I often quickly understand what is relevant to tell and what may be interesting to different target audiences.

What attracts you to the LOKEN project?

– I strongly believe in the project's mission – to collectively try to solve the energy transition while stimulating growth, innovation, and competitiveness. A lot is happening in the energy field right now, and it's exciting. If Värmland could take the lead in the energy transition through the project, it would be fantastic.

Communication is a central part of the project – how do you view that?

– Yes, communication is indeed crucial for the project. It's about telling how the project progresses and what we aim to achieve. For me, it's about listening and communicating what is done in the project from various perspectives. It could be interviewing a researcher or engineer about innovations or, on a more grassroots level, depicting good examples of energy solutions that affect people in their everyday lives.

But what does communication really have to do with the energy transition?

– I believe effective communication is crucial for creating understanding of the energy transition. Why is the transition necessary and how can people contribute? Communication can also facilitate dialogue between decision-makers, interest groups, and the public. Thus, good communication can contribute to the energy transition.

Facts about LOKEN

The three-year project Local Energy Management Värmland (LOKEN) aims to support the energy transition in Värmland municipalities, test smart energy solutions, and create a new regional collaboration arena for academia, industry, and public actors. Glava Energy Center leads the project together with Karlstad University as a partner. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Värmland.

Read more on Glava Energy Center's website about the project.

Last edited: 18/03 2024