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Innovative ground installation in the north receives the Solar Energy Prize

Sunna Group's pilot installation Lilla Norrskenet wins the Solar Energy Prize 2024 for this year's ground installation. Sunna, which is one of Glava Energy Center's member companies, aims to demonstrate and maximize the potential of solar energy even in the north with this installation.

– We are happy! And proud! I am especially proud that Sunna has dared to invest in research and development so early in our company's journey, says Johan Paradis, CTO of Sunna Group, who accepted the award during the Swedish Solar Energy Association's annual meeting in Gothenburg on Wednesday.

Lilla Norrskenet outside Luleå is a pilot installation with vertically mounted double-sided panels, facing east and west. Sunna Group constructed the installation at the end of 2023. The park has an installed capacity of 90 kW and has been designed to optimize the use of solar cells in arctic and snowy climates and maximize the potential of solar energy even in the north. With less shading from snow, the park can take advantage of reflections from snow-covered ground during sunny winter days, and during the long days of the summer half-year, there is the potential to produce electricity almost around the clock.

– The potential in Norrland is about 50 TWh. Especially when you are so close to hydropower, which has a storage capacity of 30 TWh. A perfect match! says Johan Paradis.

Plans for a large solar park at the same location

According to the jury's reasoning, the installation is large enough to evaluate the potential for electricity production and profitability for large vertical solar parks in Norrland. The jury considers this an important addition since those who want to build a ground installation in central or northern Norrland need to deal with several uncertainties – such as solar radiation data, snow loads, and snow shading.

Sunna Group is currently in dialogue with the County Administrative Board about a large solar park at the same location and with the same landowner, Mikael Hugosson of Alviksgården Lantbruk. Johan Paradis and Sunna Group hope that the Solar Energy Prize and the attention around Lilla Norrskenet can contribute to more people understanding the potential of solar energy even in more northern latitudes.

– I hope that more people understand how important the sun's role is in the energy system, and that it has the opportunity to contribute to it, all the way up to the Arctic Circle, says Johan Paradis.

Caption: The pilot installation Lilla Norrskenet outside Luleå. Photo: Sunna Group.

About Sunna Group

Sunna Group is one of the member companies of Glava Energy Center. Sunna develops, owns, manages, and produces large-scale solar power. Sunna offers companies and municipalities access to a larger amount of green energy. The company also contributes to renewable electricity production that benefits biodiversity. The solar parks are built in locations that do not serve any direct purpose, have low natural and production value, or are already exploited and damaged. Learn more about the company and the Lilla Norrskenet facility on Sunna Group's website.

About the Solar Energy Prize

Since 2004, the Swedish Solar Energy Association has awarded three categories of the Solar Energy Prize – Installation of the Year ground, Installation of the Year building, and Achievement of the Year. The awards are given to "installations, companies, or individuals whose progress is worth highlighting as good examples to be inspired by." Learn more about the award and the other winners on the Swedish Solar Energy Association's website (in Swedish).

Last edited: 12/04 2024