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Inspection Course Enhanced with Solar Cell Measurement

The third round of Glava Energy Center's two-day course on the inspection of solar cell installations has now been completed. The training has been enhanced with a new module — various techniques for solar cell measurement.

– It was incredibly rewarding with the measurement technology and a fun collaboration that we hope to continue in the training, says course leader Per Hederstedt, solar cell specialist at Maple Energy and certified inspection engineer with 20 years of experience in the electrical industry.

On site to instruct on work methodology in the new measurement technology module were teachers Fredrik Gryth and Fedja Jarasevic from Intertechna. The company, which is also a new member of Glava Energy Center, delivers products and services in calibration and troubleshooting.

Positive Feedback on Increased Measurement Technology

The training participants were also pleased with the new course module in solar cell measurement.

– It’s positive that the training becomes even more in-depth, for example through the new measurement technology section. The course could include even more measurement technology. Otherwise, the course has provided a positive opportunity to network with other participants and the teachers, says one of the participants, Johan Ström Bohrén from Soltech Business Support 3.0 AB.

He has experience as an electrician but is seeking more understanding of the inspection process and how it should be conducted. After the course, he confirms that the training has validated his current practices.

– There is no other training like this to guide and increase the fundamental understanding of inspection, says Johan Ström Bohrén.

Inspection Solar Cells

Glava Energy Center's 2-day training Inspection Solar Cells includes both theory and practical training in fault identification in an authentic environment at Glava Energy Center's solar park. The course provides in-depth knowledge of solar cell inspection and the general guidelines and regulations. Members of Glava Energy Center receive a 10 percent discount on the course fee.

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Last edited: 30/05 2024