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Norwegian interest in solar installer training in Glava

The ongoing solar energy boom in Norway is shown by a great Norwegian interest in the Glava Energy Center's basic training for solar cell installers. It was full at the year's first training round in Glava in January and most of the registered participants came from Norwegian electrical installation companies.

- This is a positive expression both for Glava Energy Center's network in Norway and for the great growth that is taking place in the Norwegian solar industry right now, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Glava Energy Center.

Strong Norwegian growth in the solar energy industry

Solar power accounted for 1 percent of electricity production in Sweden in 2021, while in Norway it only represents one per thousand. But the growth rate in terms of solar energy in Norway is just as strong as in Sweden. In 2022, 149 MW of solar power was installed into the Norwegian electricity grid, according to the Norwegian Energy Authority, which is a threefold increase compared to the installation that took place in 2021. It also meant a doubling of the total installed power from solar power, which at the end of 2022 was approximately 299 MW in Norway.

- The Norwegian solar industry is experiencing strong growth, but the companies need knowledge and skills development to meet customers' increased interest in solar energy. Sweden is knowledge-wise ahead of Norway in this matter and we don't have time to wait for Norwegian training, that's why we are here in Glava to train ourselves, says Bengt Morten Olufsen at Elektroimportøren AS who was one of the participants in the installer training at Glava Energy Center on 17–19 January.

Want to encourage members to get education

Elektroimportøren is a Norwegian wholesale company for the electrical industry that also runs a web shop and stores for private consumers. The company will soon open its first store in Sweden, in Veddesta outside Stockholm. In addition to this, the company is a membership organization.

- We think that skills development is so important that we went out to our 170 member companies to encourage them to sign up for the Glava Energy Center's basic training for solar cell installers, continues Bengt Morten Olufsen.

The interest was great and of the 20 registered participants at the January round of the training, most came from Norwegian electrical installation companies.

- I am here because I want to learn the basics of solar cell installations. Customers are increasingly demanding it and we want to be able to deliver that service, says Abdelaziz Aitannour, who runs the Oslo-based electricity company SG Elektriker AS.

Appreciated mix of theory and practical training

The structure of the installer training is that theory is interspersed with practical training. The theoretical review covers, among other things, electricity, solar cell technology, batteries, and the installation of inverters, which convert the solar cells' direct current into alternating current. In addition, it deals with dimensioning based on different houses and needs, calculations of costs and income from a solar cell investment as well as work environment and safety.

- It's not just about climbing up and screwing up the solar panels. Having knowledge of different regulations is very important, says Bengt Danielsson, one of the course leaders during the training and founder of the electrical installation company Delabglava AB.

An appreciated part of the training is when the theoretical knowledge is linked to practical training in the solar panel park in Glava. In addition to solar cell modules, there are also several roofs in different materials and slopes. The participants get to practice assembling and installing solar panels on the different roofs.

- We hope that more of our member companies take this training. In times of growth like these, it is important that they learn why and how to install solar energy systems in the best possible way, says Bengt Morten Olufsen at the wholesale company Elektroimportøren AS.

Last edited: 28/04 2023