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Trends and Insights from Intersolar Europe

In June, Glava Energy Center attended the international mega fair Intersolar Europe, which showcases the latest advancements in solar energy and energy storage. Here we list some key trends and insights from the fair.

Intersolar Europe, held annually in Munich, took place from June 19–21 with approximately 1,500 exhibitors from around the world. Representing Glava Energy Center were CEO Magnus Nilsson and project manager David Olsson. From their perspective, here are the most interesting innovations from the fair:

Holistic Solutions Are Emerging

Many companies are increasingly focusing on integrated solutions and the connection between different energy systems. Homes are being connected with solar panels, batteries, and car chargers. Soon, rooftop solar panels will be able to "communicate" with cars and homes. This focus on holistic solutions is something we will examine further in Glava Energy Center's ongoing project, LOKEN.

Choose How Your Solar Panels Look

Tired of black panels? Now there is a wider range of colors and patterns available for panels.

New Types of Solar Cell Technology

Innovative designs that reduce the impact when a panel is shaded, which is particularly beneficial for houses with pipes, chimneys, flagpoles, etc. The fair also showcased more solutions for agrivoltaics, which combine agriculture and solar panels.

Solar Panels for Parking Areas

There were also solutions for larger solar carports with chargers and batteries. This will be crucial for future parking areas.

More Charging Power for Heavy Vehicles

For chargers aimed at trucks, there is now a significant increase in power. More power is available for each charger for trucks and other heavy vehicles, making charging faster.

Photo: Intersolar Europe 2024.

Last edited: 05/07 2024