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Värmland sparks major energy project across municipalities and corporations

Glava Energy Center and Karlstad University have secured funding for their joint project LOKEN – Local Energy Management Värmland. Over three years, the project aims to support the energy transition in Värmland's municipalities, test smart energy solutions, and establish a new regional platform for collaboration among academia, businesses, and public entities. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Värmland.

– We're very pleased with this announcement! Värmland communities and businesses face a risk of electricity shortage in the near future, and through this project, we have the opportunity to drive sustainable energy transition and explore smart energy solutions in several of Värmland's municipalities. The strength of the project lies in our collaboration with both the university and around 30 local businesses and public actors, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Glava Energy Center.

Involving 30 entities across eleven municipalities

At the end of December, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and Region Värmland decided to grant project funding for LOKEN – Local Energy Management Värmland. The project will run from 2024 to 2026, supporting the energy transition in several Värmland municipalities, which, in turn, can motivate and guide more municipalities in the region. The total budget for the project is 19.5 million SEK, with the main funders being the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Region Värmland.

Among the project participants are municipalities, energy companies, property firms, electricity-intensive industries, businesses, and organizations. The project involves activities with around 30 project partners across eleven municipalities: Filipstad, Forshaga, Kil, Hammarö, Arvika, Sunne, Eda, Karlstad, Grums, Kristinehamn, and Munkfors. In five of these municipalities—Eda, Arvika, Grums, Munkfors, and Kil—a new form of proactive local energy management will be developed.

– We aim to establish local energy management groups comprising both public and private entities representing energy production, distribution, and consumption. This is a new cross-sectoral way of working that can provide impetus, direction, and sustainability to the municipalities' energy transition, says Magnus Nilsson.

Strong knowledge base from researchers

Within the project framework, local and regional energy scenarios will be developed to serve as decision-making support for local energy management. Additionally, innovative energy solutions will be explored based on the situations and needs of the project participants—such as solutions for production, flexibility, storage, sustainable neighborhoods, and energy communities.

All project activities involve researchers from Karlstad University, providing a strong foundation of knowledge for the project. The project also aims to create a new regional collaboration platform for energy issues involving Karlstad University, Glava Energy Center, businesses, and public entities. At Karlstad University's Grants and Innovation Office, there is a recognition of substantial opportunities presented by the project.

– When we collectively gather strength for a sustainable energy transition and involve the necessary research and knowledge, we create the conditions for success. By establishing a new collaboration platform for sustainable energy systems within Karlstad University, encompassing various expertise areas, we will initiate new research and innovation collaborations and identify educational needs required to manage the transition towards sustainable energy systems, says Håkan Spjuth, Head of Grants and Innovation Office and coordinator for the Academy for Smart Specialization at Karlstad University.


Magnus Nilsson, CEO Glava Energy Center
Phone: 070-792 87 28, Email: 

Håkan Spjuth, Head of Grants and Innovation Office, Karlstad University
Phone: 070-683 10 40, Email: 

Image Caption: Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Glava Energy Center, outside the office in Hillringsberg, Glava.

Last edited: 21/12 2023