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Sustainable Renovation Packages through INDU ZERO

INDU ZERO is a feasibility study for establishing a smart and highly automated factory for sustainable renovation packages targeting the Nordic market.

Across Northern Europe, there's a significant stock of homes with high energy consumption built between 1950 and 1985 that do not meet present or future requirements. To achieve a climate-neutral construction sector by 2045, the existing building stock needs a substantial reduction in energy consumption and an increase in renewable energy. Energy efficiency is ideally addressed during renovations. Currently, cost-effective solutions are insufficient, primarily due to the unavailability of mass production of renovation packages.

The Interreg project INDU-ZERO has explored industrial solutions for this. To implement these plans, it's now up to regions and various stakeholders to develop and establish INDU ZERO factories and processes to deliver sustainable renovation solutions to the market.

What's the aim of the feasibility study?

This feasibility study aims at in-depth technical studies, business development, and stakeholder dialogues with the objective of establishing an INDU ZERO factory in Sweden to cater to the Nordic market.

How is the project conducted?

The project consists of three different areas of work:

  • AP 1 - Project coordination, analysis & strategy
  • AP 2 - Adaptation of detailed solutions for the Swedish and Nordic markets
  • AP 3 - Networking, communicative activities, and the formation of an industrial consortium

Who participates in the feasibility study?

The leading organization is Sustainacon Sweden, which previously worked with the INDU ZERO concept in an InterReg project that concluded in July 2022. Project partners include Glava Energy Center and Sustainable Construction in Värmland.

Facts about the feasibility study

  • Project Period: May 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023.
  • Main Funder: Swedish Energy Agency
  • Total Budget: 450,000 SEK
  • Project Coordinator: Sustainacon Sweden AB
  • Project Partners: Glava Energy Center, Sustainable Construction in Värmland service AB
  • The feasibility study's webpage on Sustainacon Sweden's website.
  • Contact person at Glava Energy Center: David Olsson, see Contact.
Last edited: 29/12 2023